Obie’s Daughters Show Love


Two of the daughters of the late Hon. Obie Wilchcombe sat down with ZNS News to speak about their father who died on September 25th on the island of Grand Bahama.

Obie-Cheryl Bowe-Bowleg recounted how she found out about her father’s passing. “Pictures started coming over my phone and it was at that moment I fall to the ground. I was like don’t tell me this happenin’, somebody explain something to me. And so my only mission was to get to the airport with my siblings and get to Freeport because I needed answers.”

Bowe-Bowleg said her fondest memory of her father is her wedding day. She said, “when I came around the bend and I saw my dad walking towards me I can’t describe how I felt but I know everybody could have seen and they noticed. And when he took my hand he said, ‘you’re beautiful, don’t worry about nothing, let’s go.'” And that entire moment, I just wanted to rest in it even down to the father and daughter dance where he held me and he encourage me and even with his speech where he said, ‘you’re gonna be a good wife.'” He encouraged me to be the best I could be at all times.”

Another of Wilchcombe’s daughters, Adia Issacs, said she can still hear him telling old stories. She learned of her father’s death after returning from vacation. “Some people who didn’t know was just already sending the condolences and I’m like, what you mean condolences. And it still was not real when I talked to my sister again and I heard in her voice and I was like yeah. So our next mission was to go to Freeport.”

Issacs also remembered the last call she had with her father to arrange a date to take her children to see him.