Opposition responds to Attorney General

Leader of the Opposition Mr. Phillip "Brave" Davis Photo: Shane Gibson Jr.

The opposition, Progressive Liberal Party leader Philip ‘Brave’ Davis says he has no concern about threats regarding possible prosecution for alleged criminal libel.

He made those comments at a press conference at the PLP headquarters Sunday afternoon just hours after a statement was issued by the office of the Attorney General; claiming that the opposition leader and former Deputy Speaker of the House Dion Smith presented to the public false allegations by claiming the Competent Authority violated provisions under the Emergency Powers Covid-19 Orders.

Davis indicated that the articles he pointed to in parliament were well within the law.

“I don’t know where the disagreement comes in.

“If you look at the provision to which we referred to, I think it’s the measure 112.

“If you look at that it specifically says that upon the expiration of the proclamation of emergency one has to give the report of up to how you spend our money.

“The suppliers, right, and to identify the suppliers with whom you spend our money that’s what the measure say” the opposition leader said.