Organization launches STEM program for girls


Fem stem is a youth-based non-profit organization geared to high school girls interested in science, technology, engineering and math.

The organization is hosting a five-week workshop on how to turn agriculture waste to bio fuel with the goal of educating young girls on how to make positive contributions to the environment.

President of Fem Stem Bahamas, Tyronda Glinton, says this extensive workshop will equip the girls with a wealth of knowledge.

“Over the next 4 weeks we will do two field trip activities.

“One will be at the Bahamas sustainable Fuels where they will actually observe the process where cooking oil is then converted into biofuels.

“Then we will be going to the New Province ecology park which was formally Bahamas Waste but now they repurposed all of the argri-waste into multiple purposes. 

“Then the 3rd week they will learn how to establish their business in agri-waste and biofuels and we partnered with Access Accelerator for that.

“And the final week will be the closing ceremony where they will also pitch their business idea.

“So, they will also see the full cycle from beginning to end with the whole program” she said.