PAHO offers suggestion to curve pandemic surge in Americas


Pan-American Health Organization Director, Carissa Etienne today warned that since covid-19 vaccine deliveries to the Americas have slowed down, countries should employ a comprehensive strategy of immunization and public health measures to curb the surging pandemic.

She stressed at her weekly regional covid-19 press conference in Washington DC that for most regional countries, vaccines are not going to stop this wave as there are simply not enough available to protect everyone in the countries at greatest risk.

Dr. Etienne supports the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine which she maintains is very safe and effective. 

She also noted that with more than 1.3 million people covid-19 infected and nearly 36,000 deaths in the past week alone, regional health officials are acting like they are not during a worsening outbreak. She attributed violations of health protocols and new highly transmissible variants for fueling acceleration.