BNT launches re-branding campaign


The Bahamas National Trust unveiled its new logo Wednesday afternoon during a press conference at their Village Road location.

BNT President Geoff Andrews says that after 61 years of being environmental gatekeepers they are proud to move forward with the new look.

“It is our hope that as we unveil this brand-new evolution, we carry this auspicious history forward with us, into a more vibrant future.

“We hope you will continue to join us on this journey and remain connected to the important work of the BNT” Andrews said.

In a press statement on Wednesday officials noted that the organization’s brand evolution is a change of face and ‘not an overhaul of the non-profit’s history or its mission’.

Executive Director Eric Carey says the process has been two years in the making, and although the look provides a fresh, new, perspective the goal of the organization is still to be the standard of environmental gatekeepers in the Bahamas.

“This launch indeed marks a new era in the history of the BNT. Yes, we’ve been around for 60 years and we are launching a new and exciting era, but we’re not changing our organization.

“Our focus remains the same. It’s a new look, maybe a new feel, but it’s the same focus and it’s this focus that we hope will propel us and you into this new and exciting future” Carey said.

BNT’s digital platforms have been updated, with the new logo being showcased across their website and social media pages.

Senior Communications Officer, Elijah Sands said this is just phase one of the campaign.  

“In the coming weeks, in the coming months you will start to see national park signs changing you will start to see BNT uniforms BNT vehicles being rebranded.

“We really hope that this new logo can inspire more young people to become involved with the Bahamas National Trust.

“Young people really are the future of the BNT and the future of the Bahamas and it’s imperative that we get them involved and there’s never a better time, now is the best time.

“More young people are becoming aware of the environment and more young people are speaking up for the environment and we want to make sure that the BNT is poised and positioned to stand with these young people” Sands said.

Each element of the new logo has significance to BNT’s mission. Director of Development, Anna Bancroft explained the symbolism behind the more contemporary look.

“This new BNT logo encapsulates the gradients of natural light, as they permeate through tropical land and seascapes.

“We hope that it conveys an awe-inspiring and jewel-like spectrum of nature’s color palette.

“Representing the crown jewels of the Bahamas, both our terrestrial and marine national parks are symbolically represented in green and blue.

Our tropical biodiversity and the greatest of BNT’s conservation successes are reflected in its pink tones reminiscent of flamingo feathers and conch shells.

More information on the new logo can be found on the Bahamas National Trust website: