Pinewood URC Computer Facility gets a new name

Bishop Charles Malcolm Rolle (centre) cuts the ribbon leading Pinewood Urban Renewal Centre’s Computer Centre that was named in his honour. Also pictured (at left) are: Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, the Hon. Frankie A. Campbell and (at right) Mrs. Kelliope Patricia Rolle, wife of Bishop Rolle. Pictured (at back) are Mrs. Michelle Smith, Centre Manager, Pinewood Urban Renewal Centre and Mr. Kellen Russell, Acting Director, Urban Renewal Commission. (BIS Photo/Matt Maura)

The Urban Renewal Commission continued its mission of “erecting lasting monuments to deserving community builders across the country” with the naming of the Pinewood Urban Renewal Computer Centre to the Bishop Charles Malcolm Rolle Computer Centre. The Senior Pastor of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, F.O.A. just off Charles Saunders Highway, Bishop Rolle was labelled as: “a humble, unsung hero of our Bahamian community.” A plaque detailing Bishop Rolle’s service and sacrifice to the Pinewood Community was added to the walls of the facility.

Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, the Hon. Frankie A. Campbell said the ceremony allowed the Urban Renewal Commission “to continue its mission of erecting monuments to deserving community leaders so that future generations can be reminded of their service and sacrifice.” (Three names were forwarded for final consideration and Bishop Rolle was selected as the recipient of the honour.)

“From this day forward, whenever persons enter this computer centre they will be reminded of the goodness, generosity and sacrifice Bishop Charles Malcolm Rolle made to the Pinewood community,” Minister Campbell said. “There is a quote that states: ‘Without humility, there can be no humanity.’ Today is about humility and humanity. It is that same humility and humanity that has brought us here for this celebration. Our honouree was not chosen because he is a Bishop, he was chosen because of his service and sacrifice to his community and the impact he has had on many persons in the community – particularly the younger persons.

“As a man who fathered ten children, Bishop Rolle still found the time to give service to his community, to instill positive ideals of human interaction into the young people of this community, when he could have acted selfishly and focused solely on providing for his lovely wife and biological children. He found the time to share his treasures and possessions with the Pinewood Urban Renewal Centre, while further allowing his church facilities to be used for functions without ever asking for a penny in return.

“Bishop Rolle took resources from his business as a landscaper to beautify areas in the community, notable amongst them, the roundabout, that ensured that residents and passers-by alike could enjoy their journey to and from. That small act would have added value to some of the homes in the immediate area because those are the kinds of things that appraisers look for when appraising properties.

“And so, Sir, you are the epitome of humility for humanity. You are the epitome of the reason why Tabernacles ought to be built for those who have gone this way before and have made sacrifices for the betterment of their communities by giving freely of their time, talents, and treasures.

“This tabernacle is going to be busy with a mixture of persons who are going to come here for the purpose of expanding their knowledge; for the purpose of expanding their skills; for the purpose of developing themselves and in coming here, those who do not already know of your legacy will constantly be introduced to that legacy, while those who are aware of what you have meant to this community, will constantly be reminded of the great example of what good citizenship, good citizenry, is all about in the context of being responsible to, and for, the community of which you are a part and of being your Brother’s Keeper.

“If ever there is a moment where you think little of your impact on this community because of your humble disposition; if you ever think little of what you have contributed to the Urban Renewal Centre, think of all of the lives your actions, your contributions, your sacrifices would have positively impacted and led them to becoming what they were meant to be.

“I am grateful to you personally. I thank you on behalf of the Urban Renewal Commission; I thank you on behalf of all of the young persons who have come this way and have been positively impacted,” Minister Campbell added.

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