A meeting was held in Jamaica over the weekend for CARICOM leaders and other stakeholders on the topic of Haiti.

Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis who serves as CARICOM Chairman called on stakeholders to end the current situation in Haiti. “The fight is to end the suffering of the people of Haiti. We have heard the many stories of the killings, the rapes, the kidnappings, the wanton acts of violence, the robberies and lootings and the intimidation of the gangs which currently plague large parts of Port-Au-Prince and other areas of the country. My friends we’re here to help. Ultimately there must be a Haitian solution led by the Haitian people. We have heard the many cries for help and we cannot in good conscience stand by and watch the continued suffering of the Haitian people. To do nothing violate every notion of decency,” he said.

Davis went further stating, “if there existed a perfect solution we probably would have found one by now. And so I think it is important that we recognize that we are striving for many in the end may not be perfect but will likely be something that in the immediate term is effective. Something that save lives, something that brings an end to the killings, something that brings an end to the rapes, something that brings an end to the kidnappings and violence. Something that brings an end to the lootings and the robberies and the gang warfare. What lies short of perfection is something the requires us to hold some degree of an open mind.”

While in the capital attending the US-Caribbean Summit, US Vice President Kamala Harris promised to provide money and a multinational force to address the issues plaguing Haiti.