The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently released a statement in support of Kenya’s commitment to sending 1000 officers to Haiti as part of a multinational force as the country continues to grapple with violent unrest.  It was also revealed that The Bahamas has committed to sending 150 officers to Haiti as part of that mission.  The move was met with disagreement from members of the public.

Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis sought to clarify the government’s position.  He said, “we expect Haitians to solve their problems and we are here to support them in that effort.  Our commitment to lend peacekeeping troops is only to help train and help lend technical support wherever it is necessary in that case.  And that commitment though is also predicated upon whether or not we can get and UN (United Nations) council sanctioning those efforts so we await that.  And we’re at least about thirty days away from that happening or it not happening so we’ll only know within the next thirty days which the UN Secretary General is supposed to craft a pathway peace, stability that leads to general elections in Haiti.”