Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis shared his concerns about crime and retaliatory killings in the country while attending a kite flying festival at Aquinas College over the weekend.

Davis told reporters, “I can say that crime is trending down but unfortunately we still have these retaliatory killings.  We note that most of the recent murders relate to persons who are out on bail.  If persons going on bail tends to become a death sentence.  Despite the efforts of our law enforcement agencies they’ve not be able to curtail that.  The way to curtail it is to perhaps let them remain in custody until their trial can be heard.  And again, that’s another challenge we have, expediting these trials.  One of the persons who were killed has been on bail from 2017 for murder and still has not been tried.  And so there are other systemic issues that we’re addressing to ensure that we continue this fight against crime.”