The Prime Minister led a delegation of government officials to Exuma on Monday to assess the damage caused by flooding over the weekend.

The Hon. Philip Davis said, “what we recognize here again is a consequence of climate change. And here is evidence of why it is important for us to ensure that the world appreciates what the consequence of climate change does to countries such as ours. We understand out vulnerabilities and we are addressing it. But the cost of addressing for adaptation is enormous and we cannot do it alone and the resources that we have is incapable of causing us to adapt in a way to respond to the consequences of such catastrophic events as the torrential rains.”

Davis continued saying, “I am pleased that we’ve had no loss of life. Loss and damage to property and materials which could be replaced but at the same time the disruption and dislocation its causing and the remediation that we have to engage in and the relief we bring to our people is costly.”

Island Administrator Donald Rolle was part of the touring delegation. He explained, “what happened in that we have some ponds from the Forest come straight down to Farmers Hill that are interconnected together. So what we are looking at is that what happened the water wasn’t going out to sea. So what we had to do it break the dam by removing those sands so the water can flow freely into the sea.”

The Prime Minister was accompanied by the Ministers of Works and Utilities and Education and Technical and Vocational Training.