A former Cabinet Minister and Parliamentarian tells the story of raising his young grandchildren after the passing of his children.

Neko Grant says, “the past three Father’s Day have not been pleasant ones for me. As you would be aware my son Carlson passed in 2020 and it was on Father’s Day that we viewed his remains as a family. And so whenever Father’s Day is coming I have no choice but to think back to 2020. But I am comforted because of the fact that I was always there for and with my two children.”

Grant went further stating, “the grandchildren keeps me going. Nekcarla died when Danny was two, Danny is now sixteen. He is away in boarding school doing extremely well academically. He has a 4.0 GPA. He is not coming home this summer. He has aspirations of being a professional baseball player. And so he is playing summer or travel ball as they call it. Nahla Melissa, Carlson’s daughter, his first child, she was four years old, just turned four when he passed. She is now seven. Neko III was nine months, he is now three. He’ll be four in August and between the three of them they keep me going and Danny is the spitting image of his mother. And every time I look at him Nekcarla, my first born, comes back to me.”