Protest Against Immigration Minister


Members of the Coalition of Independents led by Lincoln Bain staged a protest at the Office of the Prime Minister on Tuesday calling for the resignation of the Minister of Labour and Immigration, the Hon. Keith Bell. Bell conferred citizenship on the wife and children of Franck Racine at his funeral service which was recorded and circulated via social media.

Bain said, “we are here today because we want Keith Bell to be terminated.”

He continued, “we believe that what the Minister of Immigration did was illegal, that it was wrong, it was unlawful, it was ultra vires and any words that you want to put on it. And we’re here to stand up. He has already doubled down and said that he’s not resigning, he must be terminated. And it the job of a leader to take tough decisions. And we’re calling on Philip ‘Brave’ Davis to take the tough decision and terminate him.”

The Coalition Leader emphasized that his organization is not xenophobic. “We not against any race of people. All we are saying is come the right way. We know that only Bahamians can’t be in this country, we need your help building our country. We need you to do some jobs that we’re unable to do but we want you to come the right way. We have a nation within a nation and this is what we have to stop. We just want order in our country.”

In response to calls for Bell’s resignation Acting Prime Minister, the Hon. Chester Cooper said, “Minister Bell has the support of Prime Minister Davis.”