RBDF Detachment participates in Environmental Clean-up Effort

RBDF Marines cleaning up Spooking Hill Beach, located in Porky Bay, Bimini, on August 31st, 2021. (Photo courtesy of RBDF)

Written by: RBDF Public Relations Dept.

As a part of Commander Defence Force, Commodore, Dr. Raymond King’s strategic plans for community relations as a socially corporate partner, members of the Bimini Detachment recently participated in an environmental Clean-up Effort.

On August 31st, Marines deployed as members of the RBDF satellite base in Bimini, participated in a beach cleanup effort. They went to Spooking Hill Beach, Porky Bay, and removed unwanted trash and debris from along the beach and sea-side, and cleared fallen trees and branches from the area.

Led by Chief Petty Officer Walter Sawyer, this initiative by the men presented the opportunity to serve the community and show what it means to be responsible, civic-minded, and grateful citizens.

As the Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains committed to “Guarding our Heritage” through opportunities like these, Commodore Raymond King also commends the dedicated men and women who also perform community services.