RBDF Personnel complete Crisis and Disaster Management Course

RBDF Personnel who successfully completed the Crisis and Disaster Management course, during a presentation on September 6, 2021 at HMBS CORAL HARBOUR. (RBDF Photo)

Provided by RBDF Public Relations Department

In keeping with the Commander Defence Force, Commodore Raymond King’s strategic intent of enhancing responsiveness to the security environment nationally and regionally, twenty-three (23) Marines completed the Crisis and Disaster Risk Management course.

This session of the course was taught by trained Senior Enlisted from the Crisis Risk Management and Disaster Risk Management units, who are specialists in the field, and was conducted at HMBS CORAL HARBOUR from August 31 – September 3, 2021. It was designed to heighten the skillset of the men and women when deployed nationally or regionally, during the Tropical Hurricane Season. It also helps to strengthen the skills of marines by allowing them to identify and prepare necessary steps to be taken while in the fields during times of natural disasters.

The course participants gained knowledge about their duties while occupying hurricane shelters once deployed. Important topics such as Emergency Response, Disaster Victim Identification (DVI), Shelter Management, Violent and Criminal Behaviors, Active Shooter, First-Aid, and Basic CPR as well. They were given instructions in helping to combat natural disasters which may evolve into a crisis.

During the practical aspect of the course, the Marines learned the identification of the various types of bombs and what procedures should take place to safely execute a crisis action plan. Each individual learned how to respond to a bomb threat, how to handle a bomb caller, how to search for bombs and explosives as well as how to properly and safely evacuate a building in case of an emergency.

The DVI aspect gave the participants the skills and knowledge to deal with mass casualty situations and the removal and identification of victims. As well as DVI investigation involving evidence gathering tagging and labeling of evidence and body removal procedures.During a closing ceremony on September 6, 2021, Captain Glenn McPhee, the RBDF’s Commanding Officer for SOUTHERN COMMAND, brought brief remarks and congratulated each participant on their achievements, along with the course instructors for sharing their wealth
of knowledge.

Also, in attendance were Commander Sonia Miller, Commanding Officer, Disaster Risk Management Unit, and Senior Enlisted staff. As the Royal Bahamas Defence Force continues with strategic goals and objectives, the organization maintains its readiness during this hurricane season.

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