Officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force Traffic Division carried out road checks on Carmichael Road on Tuesday as part of their zero tolerance approach to traffic infractions.

Officer In Charge of the Traffic Division, Superintendent Paul Cash was present and explained the operation. He said, “I assembled the team this morning, a small crew of officers, we’re out here on Carmichael Road in front of the Southwest Plaza from about 7:30. And in that time, believe it or not, we have reported over ninety persons for different traffic infractions and we have towed somewhere around eight to ten vehicles. Drivers driving without drivers licenses, driving without insurance, being not covered to drive. We’ve even seen persons with their full windshield tinted, that’s a no no.”

Cash further stated, “anytime of the month, anytime of the day, you’re gonna find us out there because we have a mandate to carry out. And so we are here, this is only that we have slated for today. And so we’re gonna take a break and then we’re gonna be out somewhere else and then even tomorrow somewhere else and even the day after that somewhere else. We have a mandate to fulfill and we are gonna fulfill that mandate given to us by our Commissioner.”