Emmanuel Medical Center physician, Dr. Sean Knowles spoke with ZNS News about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder recently stating that the condition is being diagnosed in adults.

Knowles said, “you have adults who are struggling with that who would have been mixed perhaps in their childhood.  And so they’re recognizing why can’t I seem to get organized.  Why can’t I get to where I need to be on time? Why can’t my mind allow me to focus, very, very debilitating.  Even worse when people are hammering down on you to do better or to do this or to do that when they don’t really have an understanding of what that person is dealing with.  And so with the ADHD its important to recognize it as early as possible and that’s why depending on teachers especially because they will be able to pick up why little Johnny, you know everybody else is focusing on doing their math problem but Johnny’s looking out the window or doodling, it could be that he is dealing with that.”