The Independence Secretariat held a press event on Wednesday where the calendar of events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the nation’s independence was revealed.

Head of the Secretariat, Her Excellency, the Hon. Leslia Miller addressed the gathering highlighting some of the various events planned. She said, “the official 2-4-2 challenges which will occur May 3rd through December 31st marking 242 days which includes Eat Local Eat Fresh Initiative. For 242 days we will celebrate the sourcing of our food by highlighting farmers markets, local farmers, fishermen and our local industries.”

Also on hand was Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis who said, “throughout 2023, as you would have heard, we will host a diverse range of events that will serve as a springboard for our next chapter as a nation. The slate of events will work in alignment with three themes. One nation, which speaks to the elements that unify us a people our music, food, values and of course Junkanoo. Our legacy, which includes honoring nation builders and ensuring that the full story pf an independent Bahamas is recorded and told and finally our future.”