Royal Caribbean’s Perfect Day for Perfect Way to Celebrate 50th with Family & Friends


More than300 residents from neighbouring islands and cays flocked to Royal Caribbean International’s private island destination PerfectDay at Coco Cay to celebrate The Bahamas’ 50th Anniversary of Independence recently.“We commemorated the Jubilee celebration with Junkanoo, Bahamian delicacies, sand sculptures and more with over half the population of Great Harbour Cay, Bullock’s Harbour and the Berry Islands visiting PerfectDay, making the event even more special,” said Philip Simon, president of the Royal Beach Club at Paradise Island and general manager of Royal Caribbean International Bahamas.

Royal Caribbean provided transportation to and from the island, family entertainment, endless Bahamian food entries and an opportunity for cruise guests and staff to celebrate together.“Royal Caribbean’s partnership with The Bahamas began more than 50 years ago. We have been coming to these shores, bringing millions of guests, partnering with communities and sharing the beauty of the islands and the spirit of Bahamian hospitality since Nassau was our first international port of call in 1970,” said Philip Simon.“Our guests have made Nassau the number one destination in terms of numbers and PerfectDay at CocoCay number one in terms of visitor satisfaction out of more than 100 destinations Royal Caribbean goes to. That’s a powerful partnership over more than half a century and we were delighted to celebrate in the best way we knew how – inviting everyone who could board a vessel from nearby and join in the fun.”

Source: DPA News

More photo highlights below:

Junkanoo performers relish in the festivities of the day celebrating the country’s Golden Jubilee.

A massive and striking sandcastle sculpture highlights Bahamian cultural symbols.

No party is complete without sweet treats and even better when there’s a cake displaying the Bahamian flag.