The Nassau Chapter of Links Incorporated has provided shelter for women in crisis for over two decades. The organization has now expanded their safe house to be able to accommodate more women.

President of Links Incorporated, Christel Sands-Feaste spoke to ZNS News about the origin and purpose of the safe house. She said, “we are celebrating the expansion and repurposing of our safe house for women in crisis. The safehouse was initially constructed in 2003 to serve two purposes. First, the safe house, a safe space for women in crisis with or without their children. And secondly, to provide accommodation for girls between the age of 16 and 18 who were transitioning from other government institutions of accommodation and wish to pursue their tertiary education.”

Sands-Feaste also explained how women in need can receive assistance from her organization. “Women who are in crisis and need a safe space they should reach out to the Department of Social Services for that portion of the safe house. For young women who require accommodation on the dormitory side, they can reach out to the Nassau Chapter of Links to assist them in locating accommodation. We know there is a shortage. We’re currently to our capacity at this facility that’s why we’re so excited to increase the room capacity in our new dormitory.”

October was recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.