Saxons Superstars More Than Music With Water Supplier’s Support

Consolidated Water (Bahamas) Ltd.’s Board Member Ethan Adderley (L) and General Manager Henderson Cash (R) recently presented the Saxons Superstars Junkanoo group with a $2,000 donation. Photo Credit: Ashley Albury, Serena Williams Media and Public Relations

Amidst excitement for the return of Junkanoo parades this year, the Saxons Superstars group is continuing its mission to grow and develop beyond the shack. With ongoing community service initiatives and youth mentorship in the areas of sports, education and cultural enrichment, the group is calling on philanthropic individuals and organizations for support. Consolidated Water (Bahamas) Ltd (CWCO) recently answered this call with a $2,000 donation. CWCO’s General Manager, Henderson Cash, said the water supplier is especially committed to youth, education and the environment.

“The Saxons Superstars is more known for its cultural display on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. However, CWCO is aware that their great work extends beyond two days of the calendar year.

“A lot of what the group does aligns with our commitment as a corporation and we are more than happy to support their efforts,” said Mr. Cash.

Consolidated Water (Bahamas) Limited (CWCO) representatives gave members of the Saxons Superstars a behind the scenes look at how it is able to meet potable water demands
Photo Credit: Ashley Albury, Serena Williams Media and Public Relations

The Saxons’ community service and charitable beneficiaries include the Ranfurly Home, Cancer Society of the Bahamas, Sandilands Rehabilitation Center and Bahamas Red Cross. In addition to community service, the group collaborates with schools such as L.W. Young Junior
High School and Centerville Primary School.

In fact, many students are sponsored members of the Saxons Superstars and participate in the many sections that make up the larger group. The Saxons Superstar’s Chairman, Toby Austin, said “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increased need for community programming, charitable support, and the celebratory hope of junkanoo music to lift the Bahamian spirit.”

He added, “These are critical to our ongoing recovery as an organisation, community and a nation at large.”

Following the cheque presentation to the group, Saxons representatives toured CWCO’s Blue Hills plant which was expanded in 2011. This facility mitigated the need to barge water from Andros to New Providence.

CWCO maintains strict quality guidelines in the production of water. To date, CWCO and the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) continue to work closely to develop solutions to improve the availability of potable water to residents.