Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Sen. Hon. Ryan Pinder addressed the denial of bail while contributing to debate on the Magistrate Amendment Bill in the senate.

Pinder told senators, “rift of retaliation against an accused murderer is grounds to deny bail both to protect the safety of the public order as well as for the accused’s own protection.”

Citing the constitution and three bail denial cases upheld by the Court of Appeal the Attorney General further stated, “our law does allow, as it’s written now, our law does allow for denial of bail in certain circumstances and these cases frame the circumstances which are appropriate for such denial. These circumstances are areas where we see public criticism in the granting of bail by our courts. In instances of repeat violent offenders, instances of gang activity and instances of perceived retaliatory killings.”

Pinder says its important that the point is made that the grant of bail is not a determination of innocence or guilt. “It is simply an indication that the parameters have been and are in place to assure an accused person’s attendance at trial. It should not be for the public to use this as an indication of guilt, its important to say that. Please avoid the desire to retaliate in crimes. Vigilante activity is also a crime and our people, by and large, should avoid the desire to retaliate against those that might have done them wrong,” he said.