Members of the governing party spoke with reporters outside of the House of Assembly about plans to demolish shanty towns in the country.

Speaking of the 2018 injunction that was recently lifted by Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson, Minister of Public Works, the Hon. Alfred Sears said, “it is the government that went to court and argued and persuaded the court to dismiss the action and to discharge the injunction.” This action cleared the way for the government to proceed with the clearing of shanty towns.

“I see real action happening. For the first time in a very long time hasn’t been a migrant boat that has touched Abaco in sometime now and that’s due to the good work and the efforts done in our southern territories. Now the task force is coming up with a particular plan and I have full optimism that they will do this in a humanely and responsible way,” this from the Hon. John Pinder, Member of Parliament for South and Central Abaco.

For his part, Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, the Hon. Obie Wilchcombe said, “in circumstances where we believe it is necessary then obviously we have to step in. But we’re operating on the premise that there are only two types of people that are there, those who are there legally and those who are there illegally. Those who are in The Bahamas I mean legally and illegally and at the end of the day either way it should work itself out. But, of course, Minister of Social Services must always be there for Bahamians who have difficulties.”