Small business opens amidst pandemic


The harsh economic impact of the covid-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to close their doors; however there are still some that persevere and there are even entrepreneurs that dare to be great and start their own business without flinching at the sight of unpredictability.

Owner of the Waffle Factory, Chad Gibson opened his restaurant during the pandemic. He says that he believes he made the right decision to continue with his plans of creating a daytime/late-night spot despite the economic threat.

“We was like, what service could we do what product could we offer that’s essential; and you know that a restaurant was one of those.

“My partner, he actually had a smaller waffle factory going on like about three years back so we said, lets combine all two together and give the Bahamas a different vibe.” Gibson said.

“It isn’t really something that’s basic you want something that, ‘I know I only could get here at the Waffle Factory’.

“You can make a pizza, we have a pizza waffle, a lobster waffle so its endless possibilities with the waffles.”

The Waffle Factory has been in operation for the last 8 months. Providing customers with the option to have breakfast at happy hour, owner Chad Gibson believes that with other restaurants now offering the same dish on their breakfast menus; innovation makes his business stand out.

This new restauranteur is of the view that people should eat chicken and waffles whenever they want to.

“Sometimes you know you want something else. You know at a certain time you can’t find breakfast items if it’s in the evening time and you’re feeling breakfasty and you know you want a nice waffle you can get a nice waffle.”

“We have a waffle chicken burger, we have a spicy waffle chicken burger, if you want like the beef patty burger, we have that as well.

Chad Gibson
Owner, Waffle Factory