Special Farewell Reception in Honour of Retiring Permanent Secretary, Peter Deveaux-Isaacs


From: Bahamas Information Services

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday, February 14, held a special farewell reception for Permanent Secretary Mr. Peter Deveaux-Isaacs, Sr. After over 30 years in the Public Service, Mr. Deveaux-Isaacs entered retirement, leaving behind a legacy of stellar service to the country. During the reception Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Public Service the Hon. Fred Mitchell thanked Mr. Deveaux-Isaacs for his contribution to
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and his selfless dedication to The Bahamas at home and abroad.

Mr. Deveaux-Isaacs joined the Public Service as an Executive Officer in The Cabinet Office and was assigned to the newly established Ministry of Defence. Two years later, he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he began his career as a Foreign Service Officer and Diplomat. His 12 year tour saw him posted to London, Washington and New York. An appointment as Charge d’Affaires to Haiti did not materialize due to conditions in Haiti in the early 1990’s. At the Court of St. James, he represented The Bahamas at The Commonwealth Secretariat, served as Delegate of the Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group, Alternate Representative at the European Communities, participated in the African Caribbean Pacific Countries (ACP) Lome Negotiations in Brussels and Luxemburg, and as an Alternative Representative at the International Maritime Organization (IMO). At the Embassy in Washington, DC, he served as Political Officer, and participated in the country’s Drug Certification efforts, and as Vice Consul in the Consulate General. As an Alternate Representative to the Organisation of the American
States (OAS), his responsibilities included regional drug and security control, juridical and human rights commission matters.

He became the youngest Head of Mission, with his appointment as Consul at The Bahamas Consulate General in New York City. His accreditation included the ten states of the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. He had an active outreach in that jurisdiction, concretizing two key Twin City arrangements with Nassau and Albany and Newark. His efforts and representation to the City of New York prevented the Nassau, Bahamas Association headquarters from being taken back by the City for outstanding taxes, and his calendar of activities in celebration of Independence are now the prototype for Bahamas Missions abroad. During his eight-year tour in New York, Mr.
Deveaux-Isaacs also served as Delegate at the Permanent Mission to the United Nations as a Representative on the Special Political Committee, focusing on international drug, security and crime matters.

Mr. Deveaux-Isaacs returned to The Bahamas in January 1996 and took up appointment in the Ministry of Public Safety and Immigration, where he continued his assignment in narcotics control, security and crime matters. He understudied internationally acclaimed Narcotics Control Expert Jack Cusack. Except for two years back at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he served as Head of Administration, Head of the Legal Section and CICAD Principal Representative, Mr. Deveaux-Isaacs spent ten years as a Senior Official in the Ministry of National Security. He served as the National Coordinator of Drug Control efforts and the represented The Bahamas at the UN, OAS and CARICOM on drug control matters. He drafted the country’s first Five Year National Anti-Drug Plan which, inter alia, established the National Anti-Drug Secretariat. He helped to draft the OAS/CICAD Multi lateral Evaluation Mechanism of Drugs (MEM) and was the country’s representative on the MEM for eight years.

In May 2010, he was transferred to The Ministry of Environment and had responsibility for Bahamas Maritime Authority matters, Port Department, Environment, BEST Commission and Petroleum matters. In 2012, he was transferred to The Ministry of Transport and Aviation and assisted in the development of the National Maritime Policy and the reform of the Port, Post Office and Road Traffic Departments. Mr. Deveaux-Isaacs was appointed Coordinator/Administrator of The Bahamas’ National Ebola Task Force October, 2014 and in September 2015, he was appointed Permanent Secretary of the National Health Insurance Secretariat, where he led the government’s policy initiative in introducing universal health care in The Bahamas. During his tenure at NHI, Mr. Deveaux-Isaacs oversaw the enrollment of over 35,000 Bahamians into the
programme, which provided access to primary care services to enrollees in the scheme.

Mr. Deveaux-Isaacs served as Permanent Secretary/ Managing Director of the Bahamas Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority from April, 2018 to April, 2019. He was then appointed Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour, where he served until his appointment to Foreign Affairs September.

In addition to his substantive administrative duties, Mr. Deveaux-Isaacs served as the Deputy Chairman and the longest serving Chairman of the National Independence Celebrations Committee, Deputy Chairman of the National Honours Committee and National Medal and Insignia Committee. He is also an Advisory Board Member of the Salvation Army.

Mr. Deveaux-Isaacs was educated at Saint Augustine’s College, Iowa State University, earning degrees in Political Science & History and Holborn Law Tutors. He has received extensive training in Diplomacy, National and International Security matters in the United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Chile, Japan, Canada and Argentina, Brazil and the Caribbean.

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