State-Minister for Disaster Preparedness meets with UN team

Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Disaster Preparedness, Recovery and Reconstruction, the Hon. Myles K. LaRoda (second left) listens in as Permanent Secretary, Mr. Carl F. Smith (foreground left) addresses the UN team headed by Dr. Garry Conille (second right). Under Secretary Isla Deane (third left) and Mrs. Gayle Outten-Moncur rounded out the Bahamian delegation. (BIS Photo/Matt Maura)

By: Matt Maura/Bahamas Information Services

Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister, the Hon. Myles K. LaRoda, recently held discussions with United Nations Resident Coordinator for The Bahamas, Dr. Garry Conille, as part of the Government of the Bahamas’ “determined efforts” to strengthen local,
regional and global partnerships against the backdrop of rising sea levels, rising temperatures and more frequent and more severe hurricanes linked to climate change.

Mr. LaRoda has responsibility for Disaster Preparedness, Recovery and Reconstruction, amongst his other duties. The exchange took place following a Courtesy Call by Dr. Conille at State- Minister LaRoda’s Offices, located in Campbell Maritime Centre, West Bay Street, and followed on the heels of The Bahamas becoming a Signatory to the United Nations (UN) Multi-Country Sustainable Development Frameworks, Friday, February 11 (2022). The Signing took place at the Office of the Prime Minister.

The effort to build resilience to climate change shocks and to promote sustainable natural resource management is one of the Davis Administration’s main priorities in the face of the aforementioned fall-outs from climate change.

The need for partnerships, especially global partnerships, officials say, is now greater than ever because of climate change shocks.

They say a quick glance at a few of the Administration’s other key priority areas – the drive towards shared prosperity and economic resilience; the commitment to promote equality and well-being, the determination “to leave no one behind”, the commitment to promote “peace and safety” and to uphold the principles of Justice and the Law – would demonstrate just how closely those priority areas are in line with the Multi-Country Sustainable Development Framework.

State-Minister LaRoda, who was accompanied by Permanent Secretary, Mr. Carl F. Smith; Under Secretary, Ms. Isla Deane, and Mrs. Gayle Outten- Moncur, Deputy Director, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), said the country has a long history of essential collaborations with the United Nations and its agencies.

Officials from both sides said the Courtesy Call on State-Minister LaRoda and the subsequent discussions between the two teams, were essential.

“I welcome you and thank you for the work you have been doing, and continue to do,” State-Minister LaRoda said to Dr. Conille who was
accompanied by representatives from several other UN Agencies.

“I am amazed at the depth of collaboration, cooperation and assistance between the agencies and countries that are involved.” Disaster Management officials, meanwhile, continue to prepare for the upcoming 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season, focusing on additional ways to strengthen the country’s institutional arrangements to address disaster management. This includes a review of all of the current legislation and institutional arrangements with a view to, particularly given climate change, developing a comprehensive disaster management strategy.