The Leader of the Sting Junkanoo Group, Gary ‘Super’ Johnson is headed to Grand Bahama this weekend to recruit members for the group on that island.

Johnson spoke to ZNS News about the group’s Grand Bahama outreach event scheduled for January 2nd in West End.  He said, “the people in Grand Bahama can expect to have a great time.  We invite everyone in West End, bring all the kids, even the parents come and sit down. You know, we have lots of toys, lots of food, it just a fun day for everybody.”

Lead dancer of the group Bernard “BH” Hanna spoke about their new song. “We rush, so to speak, to our own beat.  Others try to imitate us but no there’s nothing like us.  We’ve been here since 1992 and we’ve been creating songs that getting people excited, make them delighted and making them realize this is Christmas time, this is Junkanoo time.  That’s why they always ask us what you bringing this year.”

When asked about the group’s new song for 2023 Hanna said he couldn’t disclose that information.