Sweet Emily will be rereleasing her biggest hit song. The veteran entertainer spoke to ZNS News about her plan for her song, Someday.

She said, “someday has become my biggest performance song. And of course, you know Someday was in the move Wild Things and so that helped to propel the song to become one of the biggest songs, actually the biggest song that I do have to date. And so what I wanted to do was I wanted to do a remake of Someday, keep it in its original form but spruce it up a little bit. Because every show that I do I normally open with Someday and what I have done is, I tied it with Quando. A lot of people may not know the song Quando but Quando is a very huge Latino song.”

The twenty seven year old song become the singers biggest hit by surpassing another popular song, Look What Ya Do, that Sweet Emily recorded with the late Ronny Butler.