The Ministry of Tourism, Investments and Aviation and the Association of Bahamas Marinas partnered to put on the Bahamas Charter Yacht Show over the weekend. The event drew boaters from across the globe.

Event Coordinator, Peter Maury spoke to ZNS News about the show. “Association of Bahamas Marinas we were well represented even the out island marinas they came. We had over 40 Bahamian companies here. Some of them were concierge, FBOs, marine mechanics, we had newly formed brokerage, Bahamian brokerages, agents, we had a good mix of local businesses.”

Maury went on saying, “we have one of the largest natural harbours in the Caribbean. They got a chance to ride around. We took guests down to the Baha Mar by ferry, the walked right into the restaurants on the beach, the casino, everything was accessible by the water. It wasn’t wasted the brokers saw the benefit of that. We had the FBOs here as well and a couple of private airlines that was represented and they saw how easily they can get to all our family islands.”