Shiloh Saunders was reported missing nearly a month ago. Team members of the National Neighbourhood Watch Program played an integral part in finding the teen.

Craig Lowe of the National Neighbourhood Watch spoke to ZNS News on how Saunders was found. “We got communications from the neighbourhood watch program in the community that advised us that there was a missing female, sixteen year old Shiloh Saunders. We were somewhat hesitant, the Monday before, to react but utilizing our resources with the network such as NEMA, Rotary, persons from UB, some of the students and also the homeowners here in the community, we were able to engage in a search party handing out flyers of some seventy five plus individuals. and moments later, probably about 7:30 pm that evening after we wrapped up, we got a notification from a resident that they had discovered her on Bellot Road and they were in route with her to the police station.”

Lowe applauded everyone who assisted in finding Shiloh Saunders.