Ministry of Tourism officials are in New York as part of their global mission to promote The Bahamas. While there, Acting Director General, Latia Duncombe along with others met with the New York Jets to explore opportunities for partnership between the team and The Bahamas.

Ms. Duncombe spoke to the potential of such a move saying, “when we look at the profile of the fanbase of the New York Jets and we look at the islands of The Bahamas its a perfect partnership. Now the next steps, the negotiations, looking at what’s best for the destination and making sure that its a partnership that’s mutually beneficial.”

One of the areas that Ms. Duncombe thinks the Bahamas can benefit is by the hosting of training camps and or meetings. She went further stating, “and then there is also the community service element of it. How do we partner? How do we ensure that our young people now have an opportunity to learn more about the sport? And they have also committed, if a partnership were to be signed, that would be something that they would be heavily focused in. Whether or not they’re able to provide equipment and also some training for our young people. So meetings, conferences, incentives, events, really big, and if we look at the numbers, I will say that The Bahamas has been reporting record breaking numbers, its been robust the interest is definitely there.”