Hurricane Fiona developed into a major storm which threatened the southern Bahamas. It caused damage in Puerto Rico and the Turks and Caicos Islands as it moved north. ZNS News reporter, Lloyd Allen is on the ground in Mayaguana where some of the island residents were evacuated in a precautionary move by government officials.

Allen reported that the island was experienced rain and heavy wind. He toured hurricane shelters on the island beginning at Pirates Well where a small number of residents occupied the school there. He then moved to Betsy Bay where he spoke to the shelter manager who said, “last night no person showed up. It was just me and the lady from Department of Social Services. It was calm, no rain, until about shortly after one this morning. I returned back to the shelter at about 6:40 this morning, people were in along with some of the officers and another shelter manager.”

Form there the team went to Abrahams Bay where people were at the shelter there.