Unemployment Rate Debated In The HOA


The Bahamas National Statistical Institute (BNSI) recently released population statistics including the unemployment rate. Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Hon. Philip Davis spoke on the issue while wrapping up the 2023/24 budget debate in the House of Assembly on Monday.

According to the BNSI the unemployment rate stands at 8.8%. On this Davis told Parliamentarians, “this number is not only an improvement on the 2019, 2018 and 2017 unemployment rate, it is the lowest recorded unemployment rate since the onset of the 2008 global recession. It is wonderful to see so many Bahamians working and we know there’s still much more to do. Everyone in our country can be learning, training, working, upscaling, contributing, innovating and making the most of their God given talents and potential.”

The Member of Parliament for East Grand Bahama, the Hon. Kwasi Thompson disagreed with the unemployment numbers and accused the Prime Minister of misleading the House. “It is not better because you have less people employed today than you had employed in 2017, it is not better. You have less people employed today. Madam Speaker, you have 200,000 persons who are employed today,” Thompson said.