The Bahamas Yacht Brokers and Agents Association held a mix and mingle event at Green Parrot.

Association member, Margot Constantakis said of the event, “its kind of like dipping our toes into the pool to see how this would go about for our big event which is going to be held in February here at Bay Street Marina, the Charter Show. Its really important for us to be a part of it so that the world can see we have an association just like every where else. So that they can see that fees are being monitored and the VAT now that’s been introduced is being properly recorded. We’re just trying to get things on the right track in the very beginning.”

Job opportunities in the sector are said that be overlooked. Ian Sealey says, “all these different ways that they could be in maritime or work on these boats. That’s what, I guess, I try to show them so that they can see the choice of working in maritime.

A charter yacht show is scheduled for early next year.