Year of Milestone Achievements for Digital Transformation Unit


From: Bahamas Information Services

The Government of The Bahamas is proud to announce a year of milestone achievements for the Digital Transformation Unit (DTU), a unit of the Department of Digitization and Transformation in the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The DTU is responsible for implementing the Government Digital Transformation to Strengthen Competitiveness project, a 5-year, multimillion dollar transformation initiative. The objective of the initiative is to increase the ease of doing business in The Bahamas and with the Bahamian government. Within the past twelve months, the DTU, which is composed of young Bahamians and two young professionals from the region, successfully accomplished a series of firsts for The Bahamas. 

Notably, the launch of made it possible for users to access and pay through the digipay application for 35 government services in 11 agencies on a centralized, safe, and secure platform. Currently, more than 54,000 persons in 25 countries have signed up and over 40,000 applications have been processed, including approximately $19 million in duty exemptions. Developed by a Bahamian software team, MyGateway is expected to eventually have 200 government services available online by 2025. 

The DTU created the foundation for robust and secure national digital transformation by drafting legislation for eGovernment and to create the Ministry of Information, Technology and Innovation. Through a partnership with the International Telecommunication Union, the IT arm of the United Nations, the country’s inaugural National Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CIRT) was implemented, a National CIRT Manager was engaged, and the second of three drafts of the country’s first National Cybersecurity Strategy was completed. The development of a National Electronic Identification System began and the DTU commenced discussions with the Royal Bahamas Police Force regarding enhancements to the Cyberforensics Lab. 

The DTU works in close partnership with government agencies to implement digital transformation. It established a Change Management Unit and oversaw the certification of five Change Management Practitioners to assist with the successful implementation process in the agencies. 

The work of the DTU will have a far reaching impact on The Bahamas, helping to improve the lives of citizens, residents and all clients of the Government of The Bahamas. The accomplishments over the past year have gained regional awareness, resulting in recognition for the country and its groundbreaking digital transformation efforts. 

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