The Leader of the Opposition delivered a response to the 2023/24 budget communication given by the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Hon. Philip Davis in the House of Assembly on Wednesday.

Flanked by members of the his parliamentary caucus, the Hon. Michael Pintard said Davis provided no evidence that his administration’s efforts has improved the economy. “The Prime Minister failed in his communication to provide any evidence this fact nor did he cite any sources or provide any reference this outlandish claim,” Pintard said.

He went on saying, “this is a government that promised that it would improve the ease of doing business, what has happened is in fact quite the opposite and we have any number of examples of businesses that have made this case. I’m advised that one good way to evaluate bad money managers is to what extent when they are having money problems they seek to take yours.”

Pintard also spoke to issues of National Security and accused the Davis administration of breaking multiple financial services laws. “For all the criticisms they have levied against us in this budget clearly the Prime Minister should have acknowledged that they have borrowed some one billion dollars up to this point. They didn’t have COVID, they didn’t have Dorian and they are hard pressed to lay out in details how they have effective utilized the one billion dollars that they have borrowed,” he said.

Also touching on Grand Bahama and the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA), Pintard who is the Member of Parliament for Marco City and a resident of that island said, “this government ought to engage in a conversation with the residents of Grand Bahama, the licensees of the Port, obviously they should be in conversation with the Port, the industrials, all stakeholders in Grand Bahama about any contemplation that they have relative to GBPA.”