President of Missako Investments on the island of Grand Bahama is voicing his concerns about the lack of skilled labour in the country.

Louis Missick told ZNS News, “a lot of the Bahamians that are skilled are subcontractors themselves and the Bahamians that are available don’t know much about construction. They are just basic labourers.”

Missick added, “the foreigners are going to work from dusk to dawn. They’re going to work on Saturday and mostly sometimes on Sunday and the Bahamians haven’t been trained to do that. Saturday is their day for the boys because of our culture, being laid back.”

In response to comments made by the Minister of Labour and Immigration about Missick also suggested that government should put man power and regulation in place to police the oversight of the industry. “What would actually be a dent into it is to develop our own people skills,” he said.