Police are investigating the alleged sexual assault of an eight year old girl by a neighbour.  The incident was reported on Tuesday by the girl’s father.

The victim’s brother confirmed the incident saying that he discovered that his sister was allegedly being touched by a man in an in appropriate way.  The brother admitted to attacking the alleged culprit.

A resident of the community where the incident took place gave his reaction to hearing of the incident.  Neville Sears told ZNS News, “we as fathers and mothers and guardians we should look into the well being of these children, who they are with.  Sometime you think they are with someone who you really could trust and you can’t really, you can’t.

Head of the Families Of All Murder Victims organization Khandi Gibson also gave her take on the incident.  “We need to send a strong message to these pedophiles.  We need to send a message right now to these people that this will not be tolerated in our Bahamaland.”