An eight year old girl was shot in front of her home in Flamingo Gardens on Monday night.

A neighbourhood resident recounted the experience. She said, “and I heard this long bang, bang. I thought it was thunder, you know, because it always rain with thunder and lightning. Until my grandson come knock on my room door and tell me say mummy its a shooting going on next door.”

She continued saying, “it was terrible last night, again, in the front of the lil children. It was just lucky that the lil eight year old girl she probably just get grazed.”

Also weighing in on the recent shootings involving young children was founder of Families Of All Murder Victims Khandi Gibson. Gibson said, “we have now come in a time where there are now no more codes on the streets. One time ago there were code we live by, if that was a child or the persons mom, an aunt, a grand dad we don’t open fire. But now we’re in a time whereas persons just don’t care no more they will snuff the baby out at the breast if need be to get at their intended target.

The shooting of the 8 year old girl was the second child involved shooting in two weeks. Last week, a four year old boy was shot on Rupert Dean Lane.