Residents of the Abaco domes, which were erected as temporary homes after Hurricane Dorian devastated areas of the island, are in the process of moving out. This after the government has decided to demolish the domes, which started some weeks ago.

Member of Parliament for North Abaco, the Hon. Kirk Cornish, told ZNS News, “presently, I know the domes were being demolished. My view on the domes is, its is position we should have never been faced with.”

Residents of the domes have spoken out about their need of assistance in finding new homes. They also claimed that the demolition of the domes was done on short notice. On this Cornish said, “honestly, the domes is a really touchy situation because how do you tell a person, who really needs somewhere to stay, that its not safe to be there and our vision is to improve your condition.”

The Member of Parliament made clear that the demolition of the domes is not an attack on Abaco. He went on saying, “its that government’s position to empower and better the lives of Abaconians because we truly believe Abaconians deserve better.”

According to the Member of Parliament residents are still receiving assistance as they relocate.