President of the Abaco Chamber of Commerce, Daphne DeGregory-Miaoulis is voicing concern on the government’s management of debris sites on the island.

DeGregory-Miaoulis said, “our concerns are not dwindling if anything they’re just the same or heightened. Because the health concerns, even if the fire is under control today, the health concerns are still there and they’re only gonna get worse the longer the situation goes without proper management of these debris sites.”

The Chamber President explained how fires usually start on the debris sites saying, “what happens is that people go and rummage through the site trying to salvage whatever they can from it like building materials for buildings in the shanty towns and whatever. They go and they pull wires and they burn the wire to get the copper and these burning often get out of control and could very well be the cause of some of these fires.”

On the management of the waste sites DeGregory-Miaoulis said, “it is very concerning that four years post Dorian that they haven’t come up with a proper plan. Although I know that different entities, businesses and entities, have tried to negotiate with government from management of the site, different proposals have been made but nothing has been finalized.”