Minister of State for the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development, the Hon. Lisa Rahming was on the scene of the demolition of an abandoned building in Bains Town. The exercise is part of the government’s efforts to combat crime by removing such buildings in the public’s interest through Urban Renewal.

Minister Rahming said, “this, of course, is a crime preventative measure that Urban Renewal has initiated, of course its not new, it was done in the past. It has worked in terms of deterring and eliminating certain types of crime. And so its important to us because normally in buildings that are unoccupied we have persons gambling, the hiding of guns, the hiding of drugs and it can also be used, possibly, as an area where women can be lured. And so it is our duty to ensure that persons in the community feel safe about living in Bains and Grants Town.”

The Member of Parliament for Bains and Grants Town was also on hand and said, “we have a number of homes that need to be demolished. I’m hoping that we can work together with Minister Rahming so that we can continue to demolish as many of these homes as possible.”