Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Investment and Aviation, the Hon. Chester Cooper attended a college fair at the Nassau Airport Development Company (NAD).  The event included representatives of dozens of tertiary level institutions including the University of The Bahamas.

Cooper said, “had it not been for scholarship I wouldn’t have gone to university.  I wouldn’t have been able to participate in business or be Deputy Prime Minister.  So this is an important opportunity for young people across the country to be able to access education and through NAD bringing the opportunities to our students.  And I think this is a fantastic opportunity.  NAD has done this and the organizers have done this for about eight years.  NAD is doing it this year as an important opportunity for their employees and the children of their employees.”

NAD Chief Executive Vernice Walkine was also at the event.  She said, “there are those people who work at the airport who themselves want the opportunity to further their education whether its in aviation or airport management or some other related field because airport operations today requires a broad discipline and so we thought it was a good time for this kind of an event to be held to expose people who work at the airport to all of the options that are available to them and or their children.  So we’re really please to have been able to stage this today.”

Walkine also extended thanks to NAD employee and event organizer Charlotte Knowles-Thompson.