Bahamas Culinary Chefs Feeding Network and Diamonds International team up for Feeding Saturday on the Park


For the past seven months, the Bahamas Culinary Chef Feeding Network, a non-profit, has served over 11,000 hot meals on Saturdays at Ferguson Park in Bains Town. The initiative is led by Assistant UB Professor and Executive Chef, Addiemae Farrington and a team. The non-profit is assisted by 20 senior and junior Chefs, and 12 allied members, including sponsorships throughout the year.

These meals improve food security for seniors, the unemployed, low-income families and children who gather at the park which is a popular spot. Residents can be seen cooking on the grill or helping to distribute the meals and drinks. Additionally, the network also feeds the shut-ins and the home for the aged in the neighbourhood.

A few delightful moments occurred at this particular event during the visit from corporate sponsor, Diamonds International. For many, laughter, camaraderie and joy brought special meaning, starting with Jeff Oscar who is a maintenance manager at the company. He shared his pride about growing up in the neighbourhood and being able to return with his long-time employer to be a part of the day’s events was memorable. Local resident, Perry who is physically disabled and has overcome many of his challenges with the strong support he receives, arrived on his specially-constructed bike to collect his meals. He is an entrepreneur who sells souvenirs outside of DI’s main store on Bay Street and is loved by the tourists and the company. It was an emotional moment when Perry thanked the company for the support they have offered him over the years.

Shivan Sareen, General Manager of Diamonds International Bahamas said, “We are truly happy to be here, to see the dedication and goodwill happening, and we are honoured to be a part of it. Community activities like these spread love and it is a blessing for us to be able to give back.”

Chef Farrington thanked their sponsor and added, “Persons from all walks of life and status continue to support and return to Bain Town to help the less fortunate and we thank this corporate citizen for their participation in our program. We also agree with their Operations Manager, Celio Brito who said, “We may not be able to change the world, but we may be able to change somebody’s


Source: Azaleta PR