Statement from Executive Chairman Picewell Forbes on tonight’s interruption of ZNS’s coverage of the Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade


Tonight’s intrusion on the broadcast of the 2022 Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade by Rev Cable Bahamas and its company Aliv by placing a message redirecting viewers of The ZNS Network to their Channel 212 is further proof of the fundamental issue of having a cable provider competing with the broadcast services they are tasked to carry.

This move by Cable Bahamas occurred without any discussions or agreement with The Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas. This is an anti-competitive approach that has negatively impacted the satisfaction of our contractual obligations with advertisers and sponsors. Our broadcast was blocked at 6 PM and was blocked for more than an hour.

URCA as the regulator of broadcasting in this country will be notified of this conscious and deliberate action by REV Cable Bahamas on behalf of its companies. The Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas takes the view that competition is good for the industry and good for our country however, we condemn these actions that seeks to deprive the public of the best Junkanoo presentation as done by The Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas.

We are seeking to have this matter resolved to the benefit of our loyal viewers.