Bahamian Software Developer Automates Doctors Hospital Processes, Reducing Time Expenditure by 45%


A year after developing Doctors Hospital’s digital solution to modernize its Covid-19 testing portal, Plato Alpha, the nation’s leading software development company, has built the Doctors Hospital (DH) TeleConnect system. This custom system digitizes many of Doctors Hospital’s internal processes, reducing the time to complete procedures previously done manually by 45%.

The TeleConnect project propels our digital transformation, streamlining our operations by automating internal processes and creating portals that make our services more accessible to the public anytime and from anywhere,” shared Sherzel Smith, Doctors Hospital Director, Results Management & Outpatient Clinics.

The phased project, now in stage 2, took three months to complete with a dedicated Plato Alpha team of 4 specialists, including Software Developers, a Project Manager, and a Graphic Designer.

The TeleConnect project simplifies a cross-section of DH departments and procedures, including: managing prescription requests, lab requests, automation to client finance and payment agreements, clinical appointments, and more.

“The most rewarding aspect of this project thus far has been automating the bill collection process and the overwhelmingly positive reaction from the finance team on the significant difference this makes to streamline their daily work,” shared Plato Alpha CEO Duran Humes. “Building the mobile application that supports this project has also been incredibly satisfying.”

The mobile app enables the public to more easily access DH services and keep updated with available services, prescription renewals, lab requests and many other benefits that DH has to offer. It also gives DH a direct line to communicate with patients and clients in real time.

Plato Alpha COO Keith Roye II shares the company’s winning development process that has landed them some of the nation’s top companies as clients. “For each project, we start by outlining the client’s objectives and selecting the best tools to execute the job. Communication is pivotal in creating a system that works, so we always keep the client updated as we go along. Finally, we present the final product to the client and make any requested changes.”

With every project, Plato Alpha’s in-house team of developers delivers solutions that help businesses increase efficiency and profitability. The wholly Bahamian-based team meticulously designs and builds digital systems that integrate great design, intuitive user experience, and cutting-edge technology.

Source: Fusion IMC