Grand Bahama Attorney Constance McDonald is speaking out on the increase in cases of incest in the country. Ms. McDonald voiced her concerns to ZNS News this week.

McDonald was especially concerned about the non reporting of sexual abuse within families. She said, “I have a problem within families people know that these things are happening, they’re not informing on the perpetrator and they’re not doing anything about it. I remember a situation with this young girl, she tried to commit suicide and the mother asked her why and she said that you know that family member was assaulting me and you did nothing. We have to stop the nonsense, you don’t want to offend people. And a lot of people get by because they are big and in your face and people feel intimidated, no. You see because if you don’t tell on him you’re responsible for the next person that he does it to.”

On the sexual offenders registry Ms. McDonald said it only helps with convicted persons. It does not help with persons who have not even been tried.