The Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation [BAIC] and the Bahamas General Workers Union have signed a new agreement.

Executive Chairman of BAIC, the Hon. Leroy Major spoke at the signing event held at their offices. He said, “I can truly say the team worked for years in order for this to happen. So I am so glad today that we all came to an agreement that the staff of BAIC could benefit from this industrial agreement. I was from December we really tried to bring closure to this but again, things keep happening and we pray and we trust that the staff of BAIC they will appreciate what all in this agreement.”

President of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas Trade Union Congress, Obie Ferguson was also in attendance. He said, “we signed an agreement with the government, Commonwealth of The Bahamas Trade Union Congress, that we would negotiate all of the agreements without incidents. In other words, you wouldn’t see us running all over the streets doing all sort of, what I call nonsense. Where you find intelligent people, responsible government, you sit down and you work it out. If there’s a difference of opinion we would sit down and we would work it out.”