The Member of Parliament of South and Central Abaco, the Hon. John Pinder spoke to reporters outside of the House of Assembly about rising concerns about illegal immigration and the increase in shanty towns on the island.

“The whole issue is about to come to a boiling point. Its either we act now or we’re gonna lose our fathers’ place. Our ancestors settled there, they spent a lot of time to grow what the community is we have and we want to make sure that its there for future generations to come.”

Though there is currently a court ruling barring the demolition of shanty towns, Pinder says that government is working to address the issue. “I can’t give details on ongoing things but something like that is going on. The AG’s Office, Ministry of Immigration, Ministry of Public Works, all these different agencies are working towards a solution and I am highly optimistic that this will be taken care of. You’ll see serious action this year. I’m an Abaconian, I’ve been there all my life. This isn’t something that new, just came around, we’ve had over thirty five years of FNM representation in Abaco and I’ve never seen no real action as I’m seeing now.”