BAMSI Senior Official passes away


As Chairman of The Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute, along with the board of directors, senior executives and staff, we are deeply saddened by the death of one of our senior officials agricultural specialist and Farm Administrator McKallan Stubbs. He was a dedicated member of the BAMSI employee family, and his passing represents an enormous loss to the Institute and the Andros community.

Mr. Stubbs died on January 12, 2021, after a brief illness. Mr. Stubbs joined the BAMSI team July 2 nd , 2018, when he was brought onboard to implement strategic plans and policies that would support the development and success of BAMSI’s North Andros farm, and bring about a sense of focus and cohesiveness to the staff complement. A graduate of Tuskegee University, with a background in business and agriculture, Mr. Stubbs was able to bring a wealth of knowledge gained through his academic, training and career experiences to his role at BAMSI.

During his time with the Institute, Mr. Stubbs, maintained a strong sense of order, discipline and direction with the Farm Office, efficiently implementing best practices in terms of the planting and harvesting regimens.

A remarkable man, known for his strong leadership skills, Mr. Stubbs touched many lives within the North Andros farming community, and even more so amongst his colleagues and staff members. While he faced several challenges during his time with the Institute – a number of hurricanes and the Covid 19 pandemic – he was still able to rally his team in an effort to keep the farm operational and functioning at an optimum level.

Among his more notable achievements, Mr. Stubbs launched a forecasting programme that helped BAMSI better serve the needs of its wholesale and business sector clients by providing them with information on future harvest periods and expected quantities and varieties of produce.

He also played a critical role in establishing a research platform that would serve as a joint initiative between the farm and the BAMSI college. Together, they examined and recorded best practices for planting various produce, taking into consideration; type of produce, soil conditions, irrigation times and facilities, fertilizer needs and time of planting and harvesting. Born in Fresh Creek, Andros, Mr. Stubbs was happy to be able to contribute not only to the agricultural sector on a national scale, but also to support the continued development of his island home.

His efforts to build the BAMSI farm will continue, even as he is missed by his community, colleagues, and the entire organisation.
Our most heartfelt condolences, thoughts and prayers go out to the Stubbs family during this difficult time.