BDOCS Visitation And Parole To Come


The Bahamas Department of Correctional Services (BDOCS) intends to phase in inmate visits with their children and a new parole program.

Acting Commissioner of BDOCS Doan Cleare told members of the media about the new initiatives beginning with the new visitation program. He said, “we’re gonna have a phased approach. We’re gonna start with the female prison, then we’re gonna move to medium, then the remand center and then maximum security prison. All incarcerated men especially and females who are here once they give us the name of their kids, their kids would come here and spent the day with them. And the primary purpose of this to break that cycle. You know there are too many fathers and sons incarcerated here at this facility so we’re trying to break that curse.”

The Acting Commissioner also gave an update on the parole program which is to come onstream at the correctional facility. Public consultation is set to begin on the program this week. Cleare said, “I’m understanding that sometime this year the bill will be presented to parliament but before that happens we were mandated to hold four town hall meetings which we’re gonna start on Wednesday at 7 o’ clock at Doris Johnson school. And then on the 13th and 14th of September we’re gonna have a symposium where the Canadians, the Americans, the Europeans and the Latin Americans will come here and present on parole and inmate industries.”

Cleare emphasized that no one will be released from the prison without conditions because “it is the conditions that will pretty much keep you in line as to your remaining time left on your sentence.”